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Best of Guide: Vegan Brunch in Berlin


Maybe you've heard that Berlin is world-famous for its all-day breakfast and brunch scene. Are you wondering how eating your way through delicious and nutritious Berlin brunch buffets can actually have a positive impact on our planet?

If you love food as much as we do, listen up. This guide is here to help you find the best earth-friendly food places, inspire your taste buds and, above all, discover the most creative vegan brunch and breakfast spots Berlin has to offer. 

Before we start: Make sure to check out our new VeganBerlin Guide 👇

VeganBerlin Guide - slider | GreenMe Berlin

VeganBerlin is a lovingly curated folding map with over 75 plant-based hotspots and 3 different routes waiting to be explored

In Berlin (and many other creative hubs around the world), going vegan has become a huge thing. If you follow the GreenMe events calendar, there are oh so many vegan events on all the time - be it vegan brunches or pop up dinners, vegan cheese workshops or vegan tours…

Many Berlin locals as well as people who visit this eco-hip boomtown from around the world already opt for 100% plant powers only on their plates. If you aren’t one of them (yet), don’t worry. This is going to be GreenMe style: fun and undogmatic. We clearly aren’t here to tell you to turn into a radical vegan tomorrow. Instead, we want to get you excited about all those delicious, healthy & colorful food options Berlin is spoiling us with.

Still, for those of you who wanna dive deeper, this guide also sheds some light on why choosing the vegan option on the menu - even just once in a while - is not only great for the planet, but has tons of other mind-blowing benefits.

***WARNING: Reading this vegan brunch guide could be life-changing 😉 ***

We show you how rewarding it can be to eat a little more consciously, unleashing the superpowers of plants, fruit and veggies and slowly skipping the meat and dairy, bite by bite. That alone has huge potential to make not only our planet, but also ourselves a whole lot healthier and happier. Everyone can make a difference - the best thing: we can start right now, right here, doing something we all love so much: eating amazing food.

Curious to see where Berlin’s coolest vegan entrepreneurs have set up shop? Then come on tour with us and visit creative vegan cafés, vegan ice cream makers, vegan food collectives, vegan fashion stores and heaps more. Check out our tours & explore Berlin’s vibrant vegan scene >> 

Green Tours Berlin - Berlin's Alternative Walking Tours

On Vegan Tour in Friedrichshain (copyright Dinko Verzi)


When it comes to sustainable cutting-edge solutions Berlin is leading the way with oh so many inspirational and creative people and places not only in the world of food. Berlin has been named the world’s vegan capital by Happy Cow and Saveur Magazine (fun fact: our founder Claudi actually guided that journalist through Berlin's vegan scene back in 2015). And it’s pretty clear why: Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain Veganz, 50+ plant-based restaurants and cafés, vegan fashion stores or vegan cheese workshops, Berlin is buzzing with compassion and plant-based power! 

Coming back to Berlin after a holiday abroad or a or trip to a different area of the country, most veggie enthusiasts will agree: Berlin is a paradise for vegans and the transition to a plant-based lifestyle so fun and easy here compared to other places. In the vegan food (and non-food) scene especially, Berlin is a place where a lot has started and continues to happen!

The vegan landscape of Berlin is being shaped by its enthusiastic people, such as the awesome crew of volunteers at Berlin-Vegan who organize open vegan gatherings twice a month and initiated Europe’s biggest vegan festival Veganes Sommerfest Berlin.

For a full dose of inspiration, listen to the GreenMe Podcast #10 “Thoughts of a Vegan Changemaker” and get introduced to some of Berlin’s wonderful vegan business owners, like Stefanie, the founder of the Green Market Berlin and Kaffee Ingwer

A big shout out to all the passionate people behind these cafés and restaurants, for sharing our vision and making Berlin (and the world) a better place with every plate served!  

vegan brunch berlin, cafe owner | GreenMe Berlin

Virag, owner of Kék Ló in Kreuzberg (see below), serving her divine raw cheesecake 


Whether you want to help the environment, improve your overall health or demonstrate your compassion for animals - be amazed how breaking free from old habits can be a fantastic experience with lasting benefits! Does this mean you have to become vegan tomorrow? No, you don’t. But being aware of the benefits it has for you and the planet and reducing the days you eat meat would already be a huge help to start with.

A bit of science: A recent study shows us how big of an impact our diet has. The scientists behind it found that farming has the most damaging effects on our planet. Our world could change drastically if every person on this planet would adopt a vegan diet. Can you imagine farmland the size of the US, China, Australia and the EU combined would become available? The way our food is produced, consumed and wasted is everything else but sustainable if you look at it from the perspective of our planet. “A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth [...] It is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car” said the research’s leader Joseph Poore (University of Oxford).

Be open and courageous to try something new!

Here are our top five reasons why vegan food rocks:

#1 Saving the Planet

There have never been more humans living on this planet and a lot of humans eat a lot of meat, often and every day. Our population continues to explode and while it might not be realistic that every person living on this planet turns vegan overnight, it will be inevitable for everyone to lower the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs eventually. Imagine the positive impacts on the environment: we could use our resources more sustainably, preserve our biodiversity and actually fight climate change, of which mass-consuming animal products is a major driver.

#2 Compassion

By eating a plant-based diet you save the lives of animals. Pigs, cows, chickens, or fish: we cause suffering to all of them with our farming methods. Countless animals spend their short lives in factory farms only to become a meal for a person. If you choose a vegan diet you help to prevent animals from suffering in horrible conditions, and it is easier than ever with more and more alternatives to meat, eggs, and milks on supermarket shelves and an ever-growing and wide variety of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants (especially here in Berlin!).

#3 Fighting Inequality

Hunger, water shortage, environmental disasters - the question of how we can feed the growing population of the world is super urgent. For a vegan diet much fewer resources are required. More plant eaters, especially in the western world, would help to create a more sustainable food supply for everyone. You can contribute to a fairer world by choosing compassion and a plant-based diet!

#4 Boost your Energy and Health

Did you know that a vegan diet can have many positive effects on your health? This, of course, strongly depends on the type of vegan diet! Eating fries or vegan burgers every day probably won’t make you fitter or lose weight. Yet, many top athletes of the world credit a boost of energy and performance to their vegan diet. If you wanna grow old and still be fit and agile in your later years of life, chances are better if your diet is veggie and wholesome. Plus, the right nutrition can prevent many modern lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. Even more and more doctors promote plant-based over health-risky animal-based diets. The signs are all there... You choose what you do with them.

#5 Food from Nature is Diverse and Delicious

Most importantly: with the enormous variety of veggies on our planet and the growing number of plant-based foods, a vegan diet can be deeply satisfying and super delicious and tasty! Modern vegan food is colourful, creative and makes your taste buds celebrate. And surely, many quality restaurants, cafés and food businesses do their best to impress. Read (and eat) your way through the menues of the places recommended below and try not to get excited 🙂

See, there are lots of good reasons for eating more plant-based food: it combats global warming, world hunger, pollution, animal abuse, deforestation, mass extinction and poor health. Pretty impressive, right? 

You’re still not so sure about the whole vegan thing or don’t know where to start? We highly recommend venturing out to one of Berlin’s abundant vegan breakfast places listed in this guide and indulge in their plant-based culinary delights. Whether you grab a group of friends, take your date for a scrumptious brunch on the weekend or enjoy an energizing pre-work breakfast - Berlin’s creative eateries surely make the hearts of many vegans (and even carnivores) skip a beat. 

Get ready to indulge and find out where you can eat the best, most delicious, homemade vegan food in Berlin and take part in changing the world at the same time!

vegan brunch Berlin - Jivamukti Canteen 3 | GreenMe Berlin

Breakfast and lunch in zero waste jars at Jivamukti Canteen in Mitte (see below)


Who would have thought that the most powerful thing we can do to help our planet - right now and with immediate effect - is to eat? Nothing easier than that! Note: The concept of ‘All you can eat’ can be taken to a whole new level when there's no cheese, dairy and heavy meat on the buffet 🙂

Here are our top choices to enjoy a scrumptious vegan brunch or breakfast in Berlin:

LÜCK’S (Friedrichshain)

Brothers David and Christian opened the small vegan restaurant LÜCK'S in January 2017, taking over from the former and infamous Laauma. The surrounding of this family-run place overlooking a small park is super relaxing and the whole atmosphere will make you not want to leave. How good sounds a Sunday afternoon spent here in the ‘Sunday district’ (= Sonntagskiez), a beautiful part of Friedrichshain? 

Even though they offer delicious dinner options on their menu on other days of the week, you best mark every second and fourth weekend of the month, as they treat their guests to an amazing plant-based brunch buffet. Expect an array of sweet and savoury spreads, hot dishes, freshly baked bread, salads and yummy desserts.

P.S. If you want to go for a delightful delicious vegan dinner instead, you’ll find seasonal meals prepared with lots of love such as gnocchi or lasagna - or heavenly cakes to enjoy for dessert. Especially for the weekend brunch it’s always best to make a reservation in advance at this well-loved vegan favourite. And make sure to not miss out on the popular tofu scramble! 

Check out all details about LÜCK’S on the map >

Brunch: Every 2nd & 4th Sat & Sun of the month: 11:00am-4:00pm I 14,50 € I +49 30 22462198

vegan brunch Berlin - Luecks 1 | GreenMe Berlin
vegan brunch Berlin - Luecks 2 | GreenMe Berlin

board’eau (Neukölln)

This cozy place is the perfect spot to spend a relaxed afternoon while enjoying high quality homemade vegan food. Entering the bord’eau, the friendly team makes you feel at home and welcome instantly. This hidden gem is built with lots of wood and passion. With a deep breath in and out you almost forget you’re in Berlin and not somewhere by the beach.

A group of surfers and travellers opened board’eau as a meeting point for board lovers and friends in Berlin to raise awareness for environmental pollution and water shortage. To all you surf fans: The collectives’ main project ‘Ride Morocco’ is a surf hostel north of Agadir that is to open soon. 

Every Saturday and Sunday you can indulge in a completely plant-based buffet including all homemade dishes, a green smoothie or some heart- and belly-warming soup. We love their vegan breads - which, again, they’re making all by themselves - and sweet and savoury spreads as much as the variety of different salads. Definitely try the vegan chorizo! Sweet treats include a delicious banana bread and other cakes!

The best: If you crave some activity after eating, rent one of the longboards and cruise over the nearby Tempelhofer Feld, or check out their yoga classes and other fun events. Reserve via Facebook or phone to help the team at board’eau prepare. Extra tip: Follow them for updates on their vegan pop up dinners! 

Check out all details about board'eau on the map >

Only open for events I Brunch every Sat & Sun 10:00am - 5:00pm I 12,90 € | +49 152 19453877

vegan brunch Berlin - boardeau | GreenMe Berlin

AtayaCaffe (Prenzlauer Berg)

Ataya is a Senegalese tea, however it’s a lot more than a drink: it’s a way of meeting and being together that can last several hours. AtayaCaffe Berlin was formed out of an encounter, a fusion of two lovers of two cultures, Italy and Africa, Elisabetta from Sardinia and Bachir from Senegal. At Ataya they celebrate the sun and the vitality of their native lands with their guests through great food and music. Ataya is also a way of saying thanks and paying homage to Berlin, which has allowed them to realise a dream.

You can eat breakfast and business lunch here every day except Mondays and enjoy breakfast all day long on Saturdays. Sunday is the day not to be missed! It’s when the special Afro-Italian all-you-can-eat brunch is served! Big plus, you can always bring the entire family to Ataya and everyone will feel at home. It’s warm and welcoming like a living room with a really nice children’s corner, where the little ones can pass the time with games, books and toys while you’re indulging in some wonderful tasting food. Spending precious time together in harmony is the gift the owners wish to give to their guests. We can ensure you that by visiting this hidden oasis of peace you will receive it! 

Ataya is 100% vegan and also offers catering and can host your private events at their place.

Check out more details about AtayaCaffe on the map >

Brunch every Sunday 11:00-4:00pm | 15 € | +49 30 33021041 

vegan brunch Berlin - AtayaCaffe | GreenMe Berlin
vegan brunch Berlin - AtayaCaffe room | GreenMe Berlin

Kopps (Mitte)

The doors of the vegan fine dining restaurant Kopps, established in 2011 by Ilhami Terzi, usually open in the evening. Except when the weekend comes around and with it everything you can dream of from an unlimited brunch buffet. The team at Kopps set up oh so many different and enticing delicacies for you to try and constantly replenish them all day on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s the ideal place for a group with both vegans and omnivores to try out how good vegan alternatives can be without political discussions or preachings. With opening a vegan fine dining restaurant, the owner was curious to try something new and future-oriented for the gastronomy scene and Berlin. We love to hear sustainable ventures like this paying off: Kopps receives praise all around and was even chosen one of the best vegan restaurants in the world by CNN!

A wide variety of vegan creations can be found on the buffet: Vegan cheeses, alternative meats and egg crumble, pancakes, vegetables, cakes, cereals and all in all an amazing selection of sweet and savoury items. And every brunch guest gets a fresh and homemade juice. Kopps is a classy and beautiful place with lovely interior perfect to be seduced into delicious and healthy vegan food of high quality. The price reflects the food and it is worth every cent - we’re absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed. As usual with popular weekend brunches, reservations are recommended. 

Check out all details about Kopps on the map >

Brunch is served Sat 9:30am - 4:00pm and Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm I 18 € | +49 30 43209775 

vegan brunch Berlin - Kopps | GreenMe Berlin

Kék Ló (Kreuzberg)

A dream came true for Hungarian fashion designer Virag Toth when she opened her vegan café and upcycling fashion store Kék Ló (meaning blue horse) in Berlin following her ongoing success with the original concept bar of the same name in Budapest.

It feels like walking into a designer’s studio when you enter these cosy two rooms. The upcycling theme runs through the entire place giving the interior a very unique and original touch with lots of handmade and upcycled furniture and accessories. Compared to the usual hip-chic look one is used to in Berlin, Viraq’s unique place and idea to combine and connect fashion, food and entertainment is refreshingly relaxed - and just such a good idea! Everything here is made with passion and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Have a nice breakfast here in Kreuzberg’s beautiful Graefekiez with fruit drinks and freshly brewed coffee, or look out for the Saturdays with vegan brunch buffets (the next one is on the 14th July!) and enjoy many healthy and tasty vegan options, typical Hungarian treats like beetroot salad and pancakes and other tempting foods to fill your bellies with!

Doesn’t it sound cool that you can combine lovely homemade food with shopping for some cool upcycled clothes at this café-plus-store in one go? And there is even more at Kék Ló! You can attend events from upcycling fashion and food workshops, to art exhibitions and jazz concerts! Fun fact: The Kék Ló used to be a butcher’s shop over a hundred years ago - we love that it turned into a vegan café with an artistic atmosphere! 

Check out all details about Kék Ló on the map >

For Brunch dates check their Facebook Events | Next: Sat 14th July I 15 € | +49 15788328335

vegan brunch Berlin - Kek Lo | GreenMe Berlin

Pêle-Mêle (Neukölln)

In 2013, the charming lovely café with cultural program and co-working space called Pêle-Mêle - french for „a colourful mixture“ or oder „hodgepodge“ - opened its doors as a space and platform to exchange culinary and creative ideas in a cozy co-working environment. Besides mostly organic, fair trade and 100% vegan food you can enjoy readings, exhibitions and concerts here (Special: vegan dinner buffet with live music every first Friday of the month) !

A calm place in the middle of the noisy Neukölln Kiez near Sonnenallee, it might not be an area the place you’d first choose to go. Yes, it's not exactly in the center location-wise, but with super nice staff serving really delicious food in a super very welcoming atmosphere, Pêle-Mêle is definitely worth a visit - and only a short walking distance away from the vegan grocery store Dr. Pogo!

You’ll find as much culinary variety on their menu as all around this popular area of the city. From sweet to English you get different vegan breakfast options or you can create your own bagel, enjoy their creative soups, a ciabatta, burger or green juice and great coffee anytime! We recommend to take a few friends for the Pêle-Mêle Sunday brunch buffet with a lot of homemade and tasty stuff to feast until you can't eat no more: different salads, hot food, warming soups and scrambled tofu, mini-muffins, mini-quiche, breads and a lot of spreads and toppings, different vegan yoghurts, granola, fresh fruit, cakes and something new every week!

Reserve a table for the brunch for 10.00am-12.30pm or 12.30pm-3.00pm. And if you want to host a brunch or party: Pêle-Mêle offers catering, too! 

Check out all details about Pêle-Mêle on the map >

Brunch Sun 10:00am-3:00pm I 13,50€ | +49 30 36467523

vegan brunch Berlin - Pele Mele 3 | GreenMe Berlin
vegan brunch Berlin - Pele Mele 1 | GreenMe Berlin

Café Morgenrot (Prenzlauer Berg)

As an alternative vegan/vegetarian café, the Morgenrot is a collective with political orientation and meeting place for political activists. Alongside the usual restaurant business, they also host events and regular film screenings. From Friday to Sunday they offer a great all-you-can-eat buffet, spread with a concept to ensure their brunch is not a luxury event. They offer people to pay-what-you-can within a given range of 6-12€, according to their current financial situation . The Morgenrot crew is providing so many great options that no one will leave hungry and you’ll even be struggling to decide what to have. Favourites from the buffet include the tofu scramble, the amazing vegan cheese cream, and the chocolate cherry mousse. There are plenty of vegan options like beans, semolina, jam, bread and spreads.

If you like meeting people and are interested in discussions while enjoying yummy food in a friendly atmosphere, come to this comfy, warmly decorated café - you can easily spend hours at this place not interacting with anyone and playing board games, too 🙂

This can be quite a busy place. If you can make Friday or arrive early on the weekend chances are better that you get a table for the brunch. Table reservations can only be made for groups of 10 or more, best call them in advance to check availability. 

Check out all details about Café Morgenrot on the map >

Brunch every Fri, Sat & Sun 11:00am - 3:00pm I 6-12€ | +49 30 44317844 

vegan brunch Berlin - Cafe Morgenrot | GreenMe Berlin

For those of you who aren't so much into rich vegan brunch buffets, here are two of our favorite plant-based havens to escape and enjoy a smaller bite, creating your own version of vegan breakfast and lunch combined:

Haferkater (Prenzl'Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte)

Haferkater holds a very special place in our hearts. Their concept is simple and just wonderfully refreshing! It’s so good to see their success story expand - to meanwhile three locations in Berlin (and even one in Cologne!) They specialize in traditional Scottish slow water-cooked porridge bowls containing everything you need for a healthy start in the day or giving you a boost of energy whenever you need it!

The freshly cooked porridge is based on oats, water and salt and served with various different toppings. Granola, fresh fruit, homemade compote, nuts or berries can be added to your individual taste - most vegan and some vegetarian (i.e. with yoghurt or goat cheese), including a savoury bowl. Depending on how hungry you feel you can order your bowl large or small. In addition to tea, smoothies and seriously good fantastic coffee and cakes, they have some other tasty, seasonal breakfast and lunch options.

The Haferkater in Prenzlauer Berg has great vibes with a larger inside seating area than at the original location in Friedrichshain, while the F'Hain has a slightly more relaxed environment. Don’t have time to sit down? Take the porridge to go (in eco-friendly packaging) if you’re on the way to work or need to catch a train from any of the three branches and enjoy! 

Check out Haferkater on our map 1) in Prenzl'Berg > and 2) in Friedrichshain > and 3) in Mitte >
Opening hours vary between locations, but mostly Mo-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat & Sun from 8am

Vegan brunch berlin, Haferkater - c Solène Roussel | GreenMe Berlin

(c) Haferkater Solène Roussel

Jivamukti Canteen (Mitte)

Looking for 100% plant-based and healthy organic food for breakfast? Then we definitely recommend stopping by at the Jivamukti Canteen, a hidden little café in the heart of the Jivamukti Yoga Studio located in a typical Berlin 'Hinterhaus' (backyard house) in Mitte. It’s just perfect for a post-class hangout - recharge, enjoy the music in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and choose from a creative menu of fresh plant-based delights, cooked up with lots of soul and good karma.

The friendly staff prepare simple, nourishing, organic food such as daily soup, scrambled tofu sandwich or sweet treats such as the best banana bread ever right in front of your eyes and basically any time of the day! They also offer a wide variety of delicious drinks: excellent smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juices as well as hot beverages. If you’re in a rush, leave their cozy space with breakfast in one of their beautiful ‘JivaJars’ to go and take away drinks in the ‘Save The World Jar’ - both are reusable and come with small deposits. All other take-away material is free of plastic and compostable and zero-waste fans will love their cloth napkins! Another strong commitment and focus of theirs is educating their students not only in yoga, but also getting them excited about a vegan diet.

We love the their entire earth-friendly concept: eat, drink and save the world! 

Check out all details about Jivamukti Canteen on the map >

Breakfast and Lunch options all day | +49 03048491948 

vegan brunch Berlin - Jivamukti Canteen| GreenMe Berlin
vegan brunch Berlin - JivamuktiCanteen 2 | GreenMe Berlin


  • More vegan brunch spots in Berlin we're craving to try: Kernvoll (Friedrichshain), Mana Food (Schöneberg), Playing with Eels (Kreuzberg), Café Vux (Neukölln)
  • Other awesome vegan breakfast spots: No Milk Today (Kreuzberg), Two Planets (Neukölln), Goodies (Friedrichshain), Daluma (Mitte)... -> oooh, we better do a separate guide on this 😎
  • Hungry for more? Check out the GreenMe BLN map and filter for "vegan hotspots"
  • On your travels, Happy Cow is one of the biggest resources to find veggie food worldwide
  • Big vegan events in Berlin (check the GreenMe Events Calendar for latest updates):
    - Veganes Sommerfest: Don’t miss the 11th anniversary this year, 24-26.08.18 at Alexanderplatz
    - The Green Market Berlin’s no.1 vegan lifestyle market: next edition in November 2018!
  • Wanna start off with a personal challenge? Do one veggie day a week, or try out how it works for you with a free guided program for 1 month (or 30 Day Vegan Kickstart = in German)
  • If you prefer to celebrate your own vegan breakfast or brunch feast at home, some awesome vegan chefs & bloggers are Eat This (German), Sophia Hoffmann (German), Deliciously Ella and Angela/ Oh She Glows
  • Curious how vegan food is affecting the fitness and performance of top athletes? Check out the movie The Game Changers
  • Check out this motivational TEDx Talk by Dr. Joanne Kong. If you want to dig deeper, watch the famous documentaries Cowspiracy & What The Health (backed up by environmental activist and US actor Leo di Caprio)
  • If you're hooked now, you can get tons of tools, resources & recipes around a vegan diet from PETA or ProVeg. ProVeg (former VEBU) = a leading international food awareness organization. They support everyone interested in changing their eating habits, providing practical info on how to transition to animal-free alternatives. PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - is the world's largest animal rights organization and Peta2 is especially aimed at young changemakers.

Always thought you can't make a difference? Well, now you know better: In our world, everything is connected - and each and every one of us can have a huge positive impact, simply by choosing what food to stick our teeth in.

And you gotta admit: looking at all those amazing places in our guide, this whole vegan thing is actually super exciting. Now, time to go out and eat our weekends through Berlin's vegan brunch havens. ENJOY (and send us some photos)!


Is there any place to add? And what's your take on eating vegan in general? We'd love to know!

Share your thoughts with us in the comments (right at the bottom of this page).


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Alexander July 6, 2018 at 1:40 pm

Thanks for the nice brunch guide. I already have been to three of the locations and would recommend them as well – can’t wait to try out the others.
Bon Apettit

Miri July 12, 2018 at 5:38 pm

So glad to read that you find our guide useful, Alexander! We’d be happy to hear about your experiences with (the) other vegan brunch and breakfast locations. Enjoy! 🙂

Maitreya February 1, 2019 at 8:29 am

thanks a lot for the amazing brunch guide…
Brunch at the African -Italian Restaurant AtayaCaffe was TERRIFIC delicious¡¡¡¡

Claudi February 4, 2019 at 8:47 am

Yay, so glad to hear Maitreya! Oh yes, the food at AtayaCaffe is incredible, especially on a chilly winter day – so cozy and warming… What’s the next place you will try 🙂 ?

Alla June 2, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Love these recommendations!! Was just at LUECKS and it was delicious!! Now it’s 16 EUR
I called at the other places and here is the update as of June 2019.
Ataya’s brunch is until 15.30 and cost 15EUR
Board’eau is closed for the summer and not sure when they will reopen but available for hosting special events
Ken Ko is closed according to Google Maps

Claudi June 7, 2019 at 1:07 am

Dearest Alla – thanks so much for all these updates 🙏 We’ll correct it straight away! And yesss LÜCK’s is definitely one of the top addresses in town, we love it. board’eau is great too, but yeah, their opening times are a bit up and down as their main project is a surf hostel in Morocco… What’s next on your list 🙂 ? Have you tried FREA?

Alicia sauter November 24, 2019 at 5:16 am

Well written and great suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to write this guide. Adding a “Why vegan” section was smart

Claudi November 25, 2019 at 3:48 am

Hi Alicia! Thanks so much for the nice feedback & appreciation 😊 Glad you like our guide. And yes, thought it’s important to draw the bigger picture.

Martin November 24, 2019 at 9:51 pm

That vegan guide it’s really helpful and I’m so grateful you share it here!
I went to Ataya with some friends and all the group was amazed.

Claudi November 25, 2019 at 3:47 am

Hi Martin – yay, so glad to hear that! And thanks so much for sharing. Oh my, Ataya is truly something special 💚 Hope you’ll get a chance to try some of the others, too!

Sandra Smith January 3, 2020 at 11:40 am

Awesome vegan guide! I went to Berlin a few days ago. I have visited two places that you recommended. I liked Café Morgenrot and their food and service were amazing. Thanks for writing such a useful guide!

Claudi February 3, 2020 at 10:20 am

Yayyy, so good to hear that Sandra 💕 Great that you made it to Morgenrot, it’s a real “institution”! Make sure to check out more when you’re back in Berlin – there’s soooo much 😀


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