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Miriam Zoller

GreenMe Team | Miri

Content Writer & Chief Food Enthusiast

Miri is (alongside with Claudi) our chief food enthusiast - means she's the author of most (vegan) food-related content.

Passionate about people and projects creating a more sustainable and fair world, Miri wants to inspire people to take tiny steps towards a healthier and greener future, for us and our planet. With a minimalist and zero waste mentality she values experiences over things and loves spending time in nature and meeting like minded enthusiasts. She followed what Claudi created with GreenMe and when their paths and shared visions crossed in June 2018 they started working together. Now she's excited about what the future has in store for the GreenMe world.

Home: Home is where my heart is. Originally from the South of Germany, the place I currently live in Berlin is Friedrichshain.

Biggest passion: Vegan Food <3

One of your favorite projects in Berlin: I love Berlin’s creative food projects. Especially the ones with focus on offering plant-based varieties as an alternative to animal products.

What else you’re up to: I study holistic health, practice yoga, love music and enjoy saving, sharing & cooking food. I volunteer with foodsharing and also work at the Jivamukti Canteen.

WANT to join the team? We strive to grow the project and be surrounded by a lovely group of free thinkers, creative minds and change makers who share our love, passion and enthusiasm for the creative urban green scene in Berlin & beyond. Feel like we could be a good fit ? Awesome – just write us!


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