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VeganBerlin is a locally curated collection of over 75 colorful vegan and healthy gems, designed so you can explore Berlin with fun, ease and lots of good karma. On the one side, we’re suggesting 3 different routes through Berlin’s most creative vegan neighborhoods, which you can simply follow, from breakfast to cocktail hour. On the other side, we’re recommending hand-picked VEGAN hotspots – cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, activities and other highlights.

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The Best Vegan Places in Berlin

VeganBerlin is a locally-curated collection of colorful vegan and vegan-friendly gems, crafted so you can explore Berlin with fun, ease and lots of good karma. We teamed up with BertaBerlin to create the perfect conscious getaway in Berlin for you. (P.S. 100% vegan places are clearly marked)

More than 70 vegan hotspots in Berlin

Find out why going green is such a big trend in Berlin and walk & taste your way through the city. The pocket-size folding map includes sights and attractions not to be missed in addition to the word on the street to make the most of your experience.

3 walks through green Berlin

In this unconventional Berlin travel guide you will find three walks through Berlin’s most creative neighborhoods and a selection of our favorite ethical restaurants, cafés, shops, urban gardens and activities in Berlin, where (non-)vegans will have the best time.

Did you know? Eating yourself happy is a scientifically proven way to beat winter blues. Order VeganBerlin now and get through the colder months with a big smile.

VeganBerlin, Berta - copyright Gili Chen for Adira be fearless | GreenMe Guides

photo: Gili Chen for Adira be fearless

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Other Nature
Mehringdamm 79, 10965 Berlin


Süßstoff *bio *fair *vegan
Kienitzer Str. 91, 12049 Berlin


Neue Republik Reger
Bouchéstr. 79A, 12435 Berlin 


Zelterstr. 6, 10439 Berlin

Schönhauser Allee 52, 10437 Berlin

Eberswalder Str. 21, 10437 Berlin

VeganBerlin, map in action | GreenMe Berlin

photo: Gili Chen for Adira be fearless

Special Thanks

The VeganBerlin Guide has been made possible with the support of our dear friends at LOVECO, Berlin's biggest concept store for eco-fair, vegan fashion with 3 locations in Berlin. (If you wanna learn about their story and how everything started, listen to our podcast interview with LOVECO founder Christina Wille.)

And, first and foremost, VeganBerlin wouldn't have been possible without BertaBerlin and her incredible design & publishing skills. If you want to see the range of other cool curated city guides that Berta already produced, hop on over to www.walk-this-way.net

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