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The Green Market Berlin - Location and Stalls

Do you know that we’ve been looking forward to visit this event for ages?

The Green Market Berlin, the city's no.1 vegan lifestyle market, opened its doors for its autumn edition - and we couldn’t ask for a better consolation for the end of the summer! Claudi checked out the market, ate her way through lots of vegan food and talked to some of the founders running the stalls...

This article is written to inspire you and tells you about:

  • The Green Market Berlin - what to expect & who's behind it
  • 3 upcoming green projects we met & interviewed
  • Some other vegan lifestyle "heroes" (in pictures)
  • When you can visit the next one?
Green Market Berlin - Follow the signs
Green Market Berlin - follow the signs
Green Market Berlin - Logo
Green Marke tBerlin - Ginger Detox Shots

// The Green Market Berlin - what to expect & who is behind it?

​Time to enter that stunning new location (which is also the new space of the Agora Collective). The Green Market is a colorful celebration of all things vegan and eco. Anything that’s fun and enjoyable for everyone. No preaching, no activism - but a place full of optimists, change makers and visionaries. A world of original vegan street food, music, shows, fashion, craft and creative freedom.

​And what should I say? Diving into all these new flavors, being blown away by natural tastes, being proven (once again) that eco-fashion looks stylish and beautiful, seeing how old forgotten materials are given a new purpose, or learning how we can soon grow our own food at home - how exciting!

What started off in 2014 as Berlin’s first 100% vegan Christmas market has now grown into a cheerful celebration of vegan lifestyle in Berlin, that invites curious visitors 4x every year - kicking off spring, summer, autumn or winter with the best things each season has in store for us.

The hero behind The Green Market Berlin is Stefanie Witt, a young energetic Berliner who used her experience, drive and passion to build a platform for the Berlin green scene. She’s bringing together consumers and producers, so we can all learn and grow. The result is an open, friendly network that is focussed on more than just making profit.

​Stefanie calls her exhibitors “heroes”, which makes our hearts sing and proves the great relationship within the scene. And you can feel that when visiting the Green Market. So inspiring!

Green Market Berlin - The Juicery, Acai Bowl
Green Market Berlin - follow the signs
Green Market Berlin - Ninalou, Jewelry Design
Green Market Berlin - LovebiteGirl - glutenfree sweets

​Now, we're happy to present you 3 new heroes of the Berlin green scene:

// Change Maker #1: SUPERFRAN's

Green Market Berlin - Superfrans - healthy vegan rawfood

Moving our way past the first stalls, we saw all these happy faces passing by, pleasurably sticking their forks into a creamy piece of 'raw quiche' - Oh yes, I want this! Arrived at the source of goodness, there was so much more: delicious gateaus, coconut pralines & a super friendly couple. So I took a break to ask them some questions - and have a good excuse to try more of their incredible food 😉

What is Superfran's and what is the idea behind it?

We want to show the world how tasty and creative healthy, sustainable cooking can be. There’s a certain image of a healthy diet manifested in people’s minds - and we want to bring this to a new level. That’s why we’re only using high-quality organic, natural ingredients and no processed foods. We always prepare everything following the principles of raw food. Plus, all our dishes are vegan and sugar-, gluten- and soy free!

What makes you feel really passionate & excited about doing what you do?

We love the creative challenge behind coming up with a raw food option for certain dishes like Black Forest Tart or Russischer Zupfkuchen (Russian Chocolate Crumble). Also, “roasting” or “caramelising” in raw food style is such an awesome thing. However, the perfect motivation is really to see that our clients appreciate what - and especially how - we prepare our food, and leave our place happy and smiling. Apart from that, we love to experiment and let our creativity flow and simply play out some new recipes and ideas.

If you could change one thing in Berlin within the next 24hours - what would it be?

We would put warning signs on all the food products that are unhealthy and harmful to our bodies (so nearly everything) - with images, just how you find them on cigarette packs! Because: the most dangerous place is still the supermarket 😉

You've got one message to pass on to the GreenMe Berlin tribe - what do you want to tell them?

​We’d be really happy if you come visit us at our cosy manufactury and treat your body to something good - and yes, that’s also working with a piece of cake!

And don’t be too dogmatic in terms of your diet - people are reading lots of articles and wave their fingers, as there’s always something you can pick on. Find out what’s best for YOU and be good to yourself - and don't forget: to eat is to love!

Our favorite thing at Fran's & Alex' stall:

RawFaello !! A healthy, happy, vegan version of that famous coconut ball

All about Superfran's:

www.superfrans.de | Facebook | Instagram

// Change Maker #2: ABSURDISTANA

The Green Market Berlin - Absurdistana - Upcycling & Handicrafts

The proof that Berlin is a place where creative people can follow their heart and try something unusual: Berlin-born upcyclerista Katharina thinks outside the box and is bursting with passion when talking about her craft - it's an idea we never thought about before, but instantly fell in love with:

What is Absurdistana? What is the idea behind it?

For one thing, I rescue and recycle vintage silver-plated cutlery and hand stamp them with sweet little symbols, words and personalized messages. Apart from that, I create jewellery using material like wood, lava beads and many moon symbols - the jewellery is partly hand-stamped too.

What makes you feel really passionate & excited about doing what you do?

​Moreover, I'm really into old silvered cutlery. It's not very contemporary to use that type of cutlery and most of the time it dusts in the basement or people try to sell that "scrap silver" back to the industry for too little money. So I try to save, re- and upcycle it with passion and bring it back to life.

If you could change one thing in Berlin within the next 24hours - what would it be?

Berlin is great! I was born here and it's my home. But like everything, Berlin is not perfect. One of the things I really would like to change is the dirt. There are many parts of Berlin which look really dirty. I know, compared to other cities we have a green one - but really not a clean one at all. We should move on to a conscious use of rubbish - especially plastic! Like all over the world...

You've got one message to pass on to the GreenMe Berlin tribe - what do you want to tell them?

If you want to change the world start with little steps by yourself. We all have scratches and quirks like an old silver spoon but we are beautiful anyway, and we can make the world a better place by inspiring and helping each other.

Our favorite thing at Katharina's stall:

The hand-stamped forks with "Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right" 🙂

All about Absurdistana:

www.absurdistana.de | Facebook | Instagram

// Change Maker #3: FRESH SQUARE

Green Market Berlin - FreshSquare

Two passionate girls from France came to Berlin to revolutionize the way we grow our own food - at home. With Fresh Square, they just launched their green garden on kickstarter and won us with their bubbliness and positive energy - we had to ask them what they’re all about:

What is Fresh Square? What is the idea behind it?

Fresh Square is an indoor garden to grow small veggies, fruits or roots as well as fresh herbs at home even if you don’t have any time or any gardening skills. We wanted to bring to everyone the pleasure to experiment growing food at home. We think that food should be produced in a way that is fair for both the planet and the people. And we realized that the best way to be sure that our food is grown in a responsible way is to do it ourselves.

We wanted to grow our veggies and herbs in our apartment, in the easiest possible way because we are always busy and can’t take care of plants much. So we thought, why not build it? We launched hundreds of experiment to optimize a soil recipe that would be very easy to use and made only out of natural ingredients. This is what makes Fresh Square special 🙂

What makes you feel really passionate & excited about doing what you do?

We are thrilled at the thought that we are really making something new, something that could have a positive impact on people life: reconnecting them to nature, to their food, to diversity and quality in taste. Gradually, we want to help the Freshers (Fresh Square users) to become self-sufficient, if they want. They will, with very little time and a little help of technology, be able to create their own soil, and know when and how they should enrich it to get fresh and new taste. Our values are Empowerment, Adventure and Pro Planet. We want to make a difference, helping people experiencing something new themselves, with a positive planet impact and a great user experience!

If you could change one thing to make Berlin greener within the next 24hours - what would it be?

Berlin is a really nice city to live in, full of parks, with nice bike lanes and efficient waste sorting.If I was to change something to make it greener, I would create wider bike lanes in every street. Sometimes when there are no bike lanes, the cars pass very close and very fast by.

You've got one message to pass on to the GreenMe Berlin tribe - what do you want to tell them?

Fresh Square is the beginning of a new revolution, a revolution where it’s easy to grow food at home. What we really need now is to have people know about us. It would help tremendously if the GreenMe Berlin readers could back us on our Kickstarter campaign and/or share the link of the page to all their friends who could be interested in getting a Fresh Square.

Our favorite thing at Fresh Square's stall:

Meeting co-founder Lou & feeling her passion for the project

All about Fresh Square & their kickstarter campaign:

www.fresh-square.com | Facebook | Instagram


Green Market Berlin - Black Sheep

The power ladies of the Black Sheep Café served up their masterpieces of handmade cakes, steaming cinnamon buns, raw-vegan wraps, funky vegan hotdogs, waffles and home-brewed Kombucha. So much passion can only end up in flavor explosions! Can't wait to visit their café in Treptow soon...

Green Market Berlin - The Juicery

One of the top addresses in town to fuel up on your daily dose of superfood and natural fruit power: The Juicery rolled out their best-of's: green smoothies, acaì bowls, epic nut shakes - how can you decide?! Swing by at their shop in Prenzlauer Berg, just opposite Mauerpark.

Green Market Berlin - Fraeulein Frucht

These two Berliners know how to shake the fruit trees: Fräulein Frucht produces flavor-packed jams and sirups from wild-growing fruits and nuts around the city. Meet them each Saturday at the market at Maybachufer and learn where they go to pick their ingredients - you'll be surprised how much is growing right in front of our nose!

Green Market Berlin - Fraeulein Frucht - I Am Delicious, vegan cakes

Oooh, my heart beats faster when I remember the mouth-watering cakes at I AM Delicous - founder xx is a trained vegan patissière and created the most beautiful tartelettes - think of white chocolate & fig, plum & vanilla, cashew & raspberry or indulgent chocolate... She'll open her shop on Veteranenstraße in Mitte on 15th October - MUST GO!

Green Market Berlin - ManuTeeFaktur + LoveBiteGirl

Manu came to seduce the people with his organic chai's and homemade Kombucha from his ManuTeeFaktur - and I finally met his partner, the LoveBite Girl from Sydney, and tried her delicious gluten-free banana bread.

>> Check out our recent interview to find out all about Manu's secrets & passion for tea.

Green Market Berlin - credit: www.green-friday.de


[photo credit: green-friday.de]

More familiar faces - LOVECO showed once more that eco-fashion is not boring. Christina and her team spread lots of good mood around their stall and presented the latest collection for winter.

>> Check out my very first interview with Christina here. 

Hope to catch you around at the next edition of the Green Market! Already looking forward to a snuggly, warming & colorful Christmas market.

Sending out lots of good green vibes to Stefanie & wishing her lots of power and success for keeping The Green Market Berlin grow. So grateful to have change makers like her in the city, who introduce us to so many new, exciting and delicious ways of going green. You rock!!


NEXT EVENT: Winter Edition - 17 & 18th December 2016

Agora Rollberg, Alte KINDL Brauerei, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin - Neukölln

U8 Boddinstraße / U7 Rathaus Neukölln


Green Market Berlin - Outdoor


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