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Welcome to the GreenMe Podcast - Meeting the heroes of Berlin & beyond!

This is where we go out and chat to the most inspiring changemakers, eco-minded startups & social entrepreneurs in town, connecting you with the creators of the cool urban eco movement.

For the GreenMe Podcast, show host Claudi is getting the most inspiring green founders and world improvers in front of the microphone and try to extract their stories, dreams and passions about moving things forward in our world.


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Now, are you ready to learn how a more sustainable future could look like?

Why listen to the podcast?

If you're looking for new ideas to make your life happier, healthier and greener, without making it too complicated, you're at the right place.

No matter if you travel to Berlin, live in the city, or were even born here (wow!) - this podcast is there to show you how much fun it can be to go green and why we should all be positive about the future in order to really move something. No hope, no change, it's as simple as that.

We tell you, times have never been better, we all can leave a massive impact with our daily actions, step by step, while having heaps of fun. Host Claudi is showing you how, so join her on her journey and start changing the world us me right now.

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