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The GreenMe Manifesto

GreenMe Guides Manifesto, founder Claudi Sult | GreenMe Berlin


GreenMe Berlin is not just another city guide, nor is it your usual tour company. It is a movement of people willing to travel differently. People who embrace unconventional ideas, challenge the status quo and broaden their horizons through inspiring stories. Who open their hearts and souls for real human connection and seek out authentic encounters with passionate local changemakers.


1) We believe in the power of small people to make a big difference in this world. Because we don’t need to wait for governments or big industry players to change. We are starting NOW. There is no need to be an activist, an outlaw or a green revolutionist. Simply be YOU.

2) We believe that positive energy, joy and excitement is the ultimate way to awaken the eco spirit in others. Because we don’t need to be dogmatic, preaching, or finger-pointing. Real change comes through moments of connection, inspiration, compassion and wonder.

3. We believe in the mutual empowerment and benefits for both sides - curious travellers and local explorers and social startups, NGO’s & grassroots projects. Because we are all connected. Everything on our earth is connected. And we all have the power to make change happen. Already on a micro scale - where we live and where we travel.

Travellers and local explorers...

...we are here to inspire you, fill you up with ideas and show you positive solutions. We want you to constantly live in awe and be excited by all the beautiful things that are already happening.

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Eco projects & social enterprises...

...we are here to empower you and make your incredible work visible to people from around the world. We want you to be part of a thriving community of local changemakers where you can learn and support one another.

We want you to see that we can all shake the world a little bit.

We will not rest...

...until travellers from all different countries and backgrounds feel empowered to make a positive contribution no matter where they go, and until local sustainable projects are able to connect with a community of like-minded people, share their stories and passion for change, and thus inspire people from all over the world.

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