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Booking Terms & Conditions for Tours

A SERVICE OFFERED by GreenMe Berlin 

(Part of GreenMe Guide, represented through Claudia Sult, sole proprietor)

Please take a few minutes to read and understand the booking conditions set out below before booking a tour with GreenMe Berlin. By making a payment to GreenMe Berlin, you proclaim that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

1) Conclusion of contract

The contract comes into effect between the tour operator, represented by Claudia Sult, sole proprietor (subsequently “GreenMe Berlin”) and the contractual partner (subsequently “client”) by the following conditions:

  1. Acceptance of a binding booking request by GreenMe Berlin and a partial payment of 20% of the attendance fee
  2. By written acceptance by the contractual partner of a binding offer written by GreenMe Berlin. The offer is valid for 15 days. The contract can be concluded at least 15 days before the tour.
  3. Through the reservation and conclusion of the contract, the client accepts these terms and conditions as binding.

2) Terms of payment

  1. Upon contract conclusion, a deposit of 20 percent of the total amount must be made. The remaining amount must be payed 7 days before the tour. If the deposit isn’t made, GreenMe Berlin cannot start planning the tour. GreenMe Berlin reserves the right to cancel the tour if it did not receive the remaining amount.
  2. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account indicated in the invoice.
  3. The customer falls behind with the payment after 7 days without admonition or getting another invoice.

3) Programme and program alterations

  1. The extent of the contractual services becomes evident from the signed description of service and the first payment of 20 percent of the full tour price. The scope of the services field from the contractually guaranteed services. GreenMe Berlin is only responsible for these services. Further services require a confirmation by GreenMe Berlin in writing.
  2. There exist no refund claims for changes and deviations of individual services from the agreed contents of the contract, for which GreenMe Berlin is not responsible, e.g. force majeure, terrorism, strike, fire.
  3. Each guide may make appropriate changes to the tour as the given conditions, e.g. weather or road conditions, require.
  4. GreenMe Berlin is not responsible of the services of third-parties ( e.g. gastronomic services or train, bus and taxi-drivers).

4) Withdrawal by the client, changes in bookings

  1. The amount of the deposit will be retained for cancellations up to 7 days before the beginning of a tour. Up to 36 hours before a tour, we apply a cancellation fee of 50 % of the final amount. Less than 36 hours before the agreed date of services, the cancellation fee is 75 percent. If the participant(s) do(es) not show up at the meeting point at the time agreed in the contract, GreenMe Berlin retains the full amount of fees.
  2. If the number of participants differs more than 10 % as contracted, the new participant number has to be communicated up to 24 hours before the event by email or phone. Otherwise GreenMe Berlin will charge the full price, even if there are less participants. If there are more participants showing up, GreenMe Berlin reserves the right to charge an extra amount per person. If a bigger number of participants has not been communicated before the beginning of the tour, GreenMe Berlin has the right to exclude the participants if the maximum group size has already been reached and if the staff capacity is insufficient.
  3. Fixed booked dates can be rebooked for money, if the declaration of rebooking is made at least 72 hours before the booked tour to GreenMe Berlin in writing. Rebookings after the 72-hours time limit can not be respected, the tour must then be fully paid.
  4. The participation can be transmitted to third persons any time.

5) Withdrawal by GreenMe Berlin

GreenMe Berlin reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in following cases:

  1. In case the tour has to be cancelled owing to illness or non-appearance of the tour guide. The full tour price will be refunded.
  2. If any tour, is cancelled because of a 'force majeure' event. The client will receive a full refund.
  3. If the safety of the participants cannot be guaranteed. The full price will be refunded.
  4. If participants are disturbing the tour, pose a risk to traffic safety or make any anti-constitutional statements or promote anti-constitutional propaganda.
  5. In the cases 1-3 the participation fee will be refunded completely. In case No. 4 the participation fee will not be reimbursed.

6) Prices and Services

The prices in the offer are final prices and include all tax (i.e. VAT) and all additional costs unless differently declared. All prices count per person.

7) Delay of a group

If participants are not at the meeting point in time as agreed by contract, they fall behind. GreenMe Berlin reserves the right to shorten the tour by the relevant amount of time. If the participants do not show up after 15 minutes, they lose the right of participation in the tour. In these cases, GreenMe Berlin has the right to claim the participation fee for the event. Even if the participants would like to end the tour earlier, the whole tour price has to be charged.

8 Limitations of liability

  1. GreenMe Berlin is liable as sole entrepreneur for the conscientious realization of the booked tours and the diligent selection and supervision of their contractual partners and supplier plus the correctness of the specification of services and the duly provision of the agreed services. For services, which are offered as external services from third parties, GreenMe Berlin is not liable.
  2. For damages, which do not concern life, body or health, GreenMe Berlin is only liable for grossly negligent or willful behavior of legal representatives or servants.
  3. Generally, the participation happens under own risk / private liability. GreenMe Berlin provides no insurance protection for the participants.

9) Pictures/ Graphical Material

Taking pictures and videos during the tours and the initialization of these pictures on social media platforms is generally allowed, as far as the rights of other participants of the tour or of the contractual partners of GreenMe Berlin will be protected and there is no disrespectful handling with these pictures. Divulgement is forbidden in suspicious cases or conflicting interests of other participants of the tour or of the contractual partners of GreenMe Berlin.

If pictures or videos shall be taken in studios or retail shop, the participants are requested to ask the owner or their representatives previously for permission.

10) Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction

Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

11) Data Protection

  1. Elevation and Converting of personal Data happens according to the German restrictions of the German Data Protection Act. GreenMe Berlin only collects Data, which are necessary for the fulfilment of the contract. Only these data will be forwarded to the contractual partner. Both, the staff of GreenMe Berlin, and the contractual partners are firmly bound to discretion and keeping data secrecy.
  2. The client the agrees that the personal data he provides may be used further GreenMe Berlin for customer care and services. If the customer disagrees, a message in written to GreenMe Berlin is sufficient and this decision will be considered.
  3. Pursuant to the German Data Protection Act, any person-related data that you provide us with is protected against abusive use. There shall be no passing on of such data to third parties.

12) Salvatorius clause

Should one of the contract clauses become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions as a whole shall not be affected. Instead of the invalid clause, what comes closest to the economical purpose of the clause then is agreed.

April, 2018


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